Define Your Own Simple Luxuries


Leonne Wilson Jones’ comprehensive book Define Your Own Simple Luxuries—And Have the Life You’ve Always Wanted covers a multitude of timely topics and offers timeless information along with some snippets of “mom advice” and inspiration for every reader who is young or young at heart.

What people are saying…

“In the pet-hair-covered, unmade bed, dinner-from-a-box bustle of daily life, Jones makes gracious living seem delightfully attainable. Forget Martha Stewart perfectionism, this book is a list-maker’s paradise of practical, often inexpensive tips on everything from cosmetics to preparing a 10-course dinner. Gleaned from many lifetimes of experience (hers and others), this Okanagan food and lifestyle columnist guides readers through the pleasures of food and wine pairing, planning a wedding night picnic and custom blending tea with blueberries, cherries and peppercorns for a cozy night by the fireplace.” ~Lisa Harrison, Savour Magazine

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