Don’t Look Back – The Kluskus Trail


Thirteen and fourteen year old Chester and Tyler Chantyman were living with their grandmother in Nazko,  a tranquil B.C. First Nations reserve; competing for the admiration of their pretty next door neighbor, Tonya Clement, their biggest worry. Then one snowy night, everything changed: Their grandmother had a stroke and they couldn’t take her to a hospital.

Weeks earlier, in the fall of 1997, a special task force of government agents had been ordered to search Quesnel, the closest city, for children considered to be at risk. In the wake of their investigation, seventy-two children were torn from unsuspecting parents.

Tyler and Chester weren’t letting this happen to them. With the help of Tonya, they would hide their grandmother in Kluskus (another Carrier reserve) until she was well. The fifty kilometre road there, known as the Kluskus Trail, was one of the most rugged in central B.C.

Towing the seriously ill woman on a toboggan, under the cover of night was tough enough. But traversing the Nazko Cone and a partially frozen river, through wolf and grizzly territory, pushed their endurance and their relationships to the limit. And that was just the beginning: The four-legged predators were nothing compared to the two-legged ones.

Based on a true story.

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