Ivory Express on Kobo and Amazon


Cover-1280-70dpi Our latest release, Ivory Express by Laurie Carter, is now available on Kobo Books. Read the Prologue and Chapter One. A little mystery, a little romance and lots of travel, Ivory Express is set in Vancouver and Taiwan. Also available at Amazon.com

Reporter Taylor Kerrick’s discovery of ivory smugglers is pure coincidence. Her determination to discover the source of the contraband and raise public awareness of endangered elephants is pure madness—or so her editor Ben Palasco fears when the story heads for Taiwan.

If he had all the facts, Taylor knows she would never make it out of Vancouver. So she fails to mention a string of oddly perfumed threats. Ben has no reason to suspect the murderous treachery she’s about to uncover, but his agreement on the trip is reluctant and conditional on local backup. The results are turbulent and completely unexpected.

Taylor is determined to get her man—but which one?