Tales from the Grub ‘n’ Rub


Peter Robin’s hilarious stories of a ’60s youth leave anyone of the right age wondering how they missed it and the rest of us glad we did. In this first collection he explores the wonder of life in small town northern British Columbia. His essays range across raggedy-ass friends; freedom to test the bounds of stupidity and learn the hard way; hurts treated with a dose of that’ll learn ya’s and a dummy-up knuckle to the melon; a Christmas concert with a flatulent camel; camp-outs that lasted all summer; flying drunk; and a grizzly bear rodeo with an immigrant boy and a dog named Jink.
This uproarious new talent can even make a terrifying bear encounter sound funny. “To this day,” he says in The Significance of the Jink, “I consider my actions to have shown an admirable disregard for the welfare of my underwear. I can tell you from experience that four hundred pounds of black bear hanging over your head is great incentive to get a job done quickly. It was hair-straight-back all the way.”

It’s hair-straight-back all right—and grab-your-belly laughs—when Robin lets ‘er rip like a logger on laughing gas.

Learn more about Peter and the world of the Grub ‘n’ Rub at PeterRobin.com.

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