The Bridge – Don’t Look Back


The night of her stroke, Tilda Chantyman saw the future of her teenaged grandsons; they were influencing world leaders. What she didn’t see was the fire they would walk through to achieve this. After her death, Tyler and Chester would be forced to leave tranquil Nazko and live with their estranged mother and her new husband in Quesnel, a bustling forestry city. From a small, rural, predominantly Aboriginal, school, they would be thrust into a crowded, multicultural high school being controlled by two gangs, the Warriors and the Machetes. The new principal of West Side High, Ms. Conrankie, had been hired to fix the problem. With the bearing of a fuhrer and ten years of prison management under her belt, she wasn’t supposed to fail.

Rivalry was nothing new to the Chantymans. They’d been battling over Tonya Clement for years. Though she and Tyler were best friends, Chester had never stopped fighting for her heart.

The Bridge changed everything.


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