The James Expedition


Harvey Quamme’s The James Expedition is the first novel in his Whitehorse Chronicles trilogy.

In the year 2508, Cap Ironshank, finds a conscious AI machine in a hermit’s cave, and learns that it is a relic of the Golden Age (pre-2078). North American population centers have moved north to cooler climates and much of the Great Plains of North America, as we know them today, is a vast, sparsely inhabited desert.

When the Yukon Valleys come under attack, Leon James leads an epic expedition to the eastern shores of the continent to recover the memory component of the AI machine, and with it, knowledge from the Golden Age that will help save contemporary society. As the recovery team tries to elude Suncoran and Confederate agents sent to intercept them, they rescue two women, Amy and Martha Brown, who are from a polygamist Mormon shepherd colony and who are on the run from Suncoran slavers. The women turn out to be a surprising boon to the expedition’s efforts. After Leon is seriously wounded, Cap, who is a member of the expedition, is forced to take a leadership role in this desperate struggle essential to the survival of his people.

Harvey Quamme is an award winning research scientist who has published papers on the effects of weather and climate change on agriculture production in refereed scientific journals. In this novel he weaves the threads of environmental impacts of global warming and fossil fuel depletion and knowledge of past impacts of climate change on society together into a setting for a gripping, insightful story. The science is realistic, the geography and place names real and the outcomes highly possible.

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